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Into The Unknown Into The Unknown

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I see what you did there! I was half thinking you were going to write a hybrid orchestra this round. This piece is straight out 80s/90s Sci-fi soundtrack. It is pure amazing. Some parts at the beginning were too crowded. The chords and chord progressions were the most interesting. Then came the electric guitar's riff, which brought this piece to a new level. So beautiful.

I really think some parts, if you mix them down a bit, this will be a full triple A suite for something like Star Trek. I also think the percussion needs extra work (sorry I'm a perc maniac), they're excellent, just some parts, especially the beginning need mixing.

SoundChris and Hitokirito, you two are a wonderful pair of composers! Good luck in the contest! Wow, I'm extremely excited to see how this round turn out!!!!

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Your Father's Blade Your Father's Blade

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I think this piece has its powerful soul. It is quite unique. When the solo vocal starts, the chill in me grows. Excellent mix of the flute and other woodwind. Percussion is very solid and not over-the-top. Then came the choir and shouts. I think the shouts are a bit dry, some reverb or release would be better. I love the low brass so far. Very solid piece.

I have some suggestion. Perhaps you could make the string more interesting with bass/cello in some part tremolo instead of constant legato. Just my 2 cents. The current version is very good so far.

Great work man!

Insurrection (FGFC820 Cover) Insurrection (FGFC820 Cover)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

W0000t! My favorite song! I would throw money at you if you cover Legion too! :D. With your vocal it's actually better somehow. AWESOME WORK!


Lich responds:

I can do Legion <3

The Concert The Concert

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow... just like a live concert... a masterpiece (I really think every time you create something new, it's a masterpiece. sorry :). The piano is fantastic. I absolutely love your style of humanizing and polishing everything to make them as realistic as possible. I hope one day in near future you can perform live, just as amazing as this piece played out.

There were a lot of people in the past, especially bedroom producers like me tried to produce Romantic music. A lot of us failed to capture its tone and feel. This piece hits them right on. I really believe you spent a lot of time to research on the style... or you just have a superb brain. Romantic is definitely one of the hardest to compose (at least for me).

Awesome work!

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SoundChris responds:

Glad you liked it good sir! i didnt research anything concerning this piece. Its just that late romantic orchestral and piano works belong to my favourit genres and i know almost any fame concertos and orchestras symphonies very well like mahler, tschajkowsky, chopin, liszt, brahms, wagner, berlioz, holst, ravel, debussy, prokofjev, rhimsky-korsakof, rachmaninov, scriabin and all the others. For me this is maybe the greatest kind of music existing. Its very emotional, extreme in how feelings are expressed, its dramatical, very lyrical but also very brutal, virtuoso and ... just insanely extreme. I just can recommend to listen more to these composers works since IMO the really good film music composers were heavily influenced by them - i mean ... just listen to starwars by williams. There are whole parts which are exact copies from parts of holsts "the planets - mars" score. Goldsmith, rotha, williams, elfman ... they all were very much influenced in their style by those old composers. I am honest. Concerning orchestral IMO the very best stuff stil is wagner :D

Thanks a lot for your support mate. I am really glad you like my works and always encourage me to keep movin forward. I am doing my best to evolve and to get better with every piece i do.

All the best friend,

Survival of the Hungriest Survival of the Hungriest

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Metal and epic brass. The brass were huge! Super epic! With the choir and percussion in the background added the powerful atmosphere. Then came the transitioning into calm and sad moods. The great apocalypse finally came to an end.

Good luck in the 2nd round man! Awesome work!

The Wish The Wish

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty nice minimal jazz. I think the bass in the background is quite soft and drowned. Very interesting piece.

TheComputerHermit responds:

Thank you :D. In my opinion its probably the lamest song just because it only took me like an hour overall to make it if I remember correctly. Im glad to see its gotten great overall feedback.

Nuclear Nature Nuclear Nature

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Quite nice piece. I like the vibe. However, the beginning is quite boring, tbh. Then comes the electric guitars and drum beats, which are nice. Everything is loud and I could hear cracklings in my headphone.

There are a couple things you need to fix here. First is volume and dynamic control. Then panning. Mixing is difficult for beginner so try to play around with the project a bit more. Pretty okay piece, in general.

DIWAKAR responds:

Thank you dude !Thank you!
Can you do it for my games too LIke You sound like an awesome Reviewer :P
Thanx again! :)

|_-| The Air Factory |-_| |_-| The Air Factory |-_|

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I like the drumstep-ish of this piece. Melody is catchy. I really love the glitches on the panned notes. Perfect loop! This could make a great short track for Flash game's menu. Man, you never disappoint your audiences. I've been listening to your music since 2008.

Simplicity in complexity. Great work! :)

ganon95 responds:

wow never knew you had heard my stuff before :) glad u liked it.

Thunderfist Thunderfist

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Holy shit! Amazing fusion between industrial and epic-like! I always amazed at your percussion use, even in tight mix, you can still listen to every instrument clearly. The vocal is eerie and dark, added to the deep tone and creep of the piece. Then came the high synth, great change of pace!

Very very dark piece. Great work. Thanks!

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Lich responds:

Thank you for the response! (I'm now only getting around to responding to a few reviews haha).

The secret when it comes to the Percussion for me is Waves Center. That plug-in is an absolute life-saver. I would highly recommend waiting for it to go on sale on the Waves website and picking it up :)

Angels Sing Angels Sing

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Everything is nice, in term of melody wise. However, I think you need to learn how to control the dynamic of all instruments. The harp is okay. The shake/hi-hat(?) is loud and overtaken harp notes; take its volume down to ~20% and you can see the different :).

Well... with Shevannai, in order to get the real human/elf voices, you need a lot of tweaking in Shevannai. Release, inhale, Reverb and Attack. The same tweaking (probably slight different options) can be applied to the flute. Sorry, I'm obsessed with humanizing woodwind and vocals! xD

Right, at 2:28 to the end of both vocal and flute. They are fighting each other over there. Well, I personally do not want to take either of the off. So the only solution is either dynamic control and/or panning. Pan them out to left/right, just slightly off.

I really love the vibe of the piece. Indeed, it's very etherealwinds like! Keep up the great work man! :)

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larrynachos responds:

Aha, so my main problem is that I never tweak the knobs ^^; That's understandable. I'm still an amateur, so I don't use them because I'm afraid I'll mess something up. I never thought to pan the instruments, though. That will help with the clashing issues? I'll make sure to try it!

Thanks for the review and the generous 4.5 stars!