Entry #79

A small update

2015-04-16 12:11:49 by KatMaestro

Hello NG.

Just a small update. ARMA 3 Resist, the project for Make Arma Not War, has won first place. I'm extremely proud to be part to the team who made this come true. This has shed the light to my depressed and desparate life.

I will upload the remaining soundtrack to NG.


Music is part of our life. Music can represent a person's life, his/her personality and characteristic. I think if you want to remember a person, remember his/her music as if he/she was flown inside each melody of a song.

Remember me by my music. I'm probably a very strange person. But my music say it all for my trails of life.


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2015-04-16 15:30:30

It's good to hear from you man, I hope things will get better for you, I missing hearing your new songs on Newgrounds. Congrats on getting fist place with Arma 3 Resist! This will hopefully get you some exposure you deserve.
Take care man, hope all is well.


2015-04-19 17:55:12

I'm also very happy too see that the project won! I hope that the light will only grow brighter in your life, as you if anyone deserves it.
While I don't think you're necessarily weird, you're music is indeed worth to remember :3
I'll look forward to hearing from you again :)


2015-05-04 00:07:51

You're back! Nice to see you!


2015-05-06 07:47:30

remember me.... lol as if you are dead