15 Greatest Reddit AMA I missed out...

2014-04-14 23:06:17 by KatMaestro

All these great people went on Reddit and did the greatest Ask Me Anything (AMA).

And me, the idiot, missed them out :(

1) Hans Zimmer loves cat!

So turned out, the great HZ secretly lurked Reddit and Youtube... and he loves cat, just like the rest of netizens! He dropped out of high/middle-school and completely self-taught (If there is a Superman in music, this dude fits for it!). The great HZ is critical to his own awesome music. He doesn't even know why his music is superbly epic (so humble :). And this made me smile, proves that he's just as cool dude as your bro!

Then... probably loved the circlejerks of Reddit so much, Hans Zimmer came back for the 2nd time. Which I also missed out. >:(

Some fun fact of him:

Some tips from him on music composition:

  1. Translating real orchestra sounds to virtual music programming.
  2. Using deadline to push yourself beyond the limit.
  3. Some great tips. Another one.
  4. Virtual vs Real Orchestra mastering.

Rumor he's gonna do another AMA next year... This is the first musician on IAMA done giant AMAs twice. I'm sure not gonna miss it or I'll kill myself!

2) Horror novelist Stephen King!


If you're an American, Canuck or English dude who love horror, sci-fi and thriller novels, Stephen King is someone you must know of!

His responses were extremely playful. Lol. Like this, this and this. This is awesome (if you're used to Reddit types of response).

3) Keanu Reeves is sad :(

4) Tom Hanks da Captain!

5) Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Robin... Yay!


6) Matt Damon (did u know he was part Finnish?)

7) Glenn Greenwald the Snowden messenger!

8) Mark Shuttleworth owner and creator of Ubuntu Linux!


9) GlaDoS (Portal series) voice actor Ellen McLain


10) The lead team of makers of FROZEN!


11) A heard breaking neutral voice representing both sides of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict.


12) Ellen Page :)

13) Cung Le the UFC champ!

14) Clive Owen!!!


15) James Cameron teh Sci-Fi God!




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2014-04-15 03:33:56

as a veteran visitor of 4chan I'm supposed to hate reddit, but I've been starting to progressively warm up to this site. Reddit is actually pretty neat-o

KatMaestro responds:

Don't follow the masses, follow your heart. :)


2014-04-15 19:02:00

That's some list of talent up there... but I should be diggin up dirt on the attendees http://luiscastanon.com/ng-events/ng-pico-day-2014.php I'm socially awkward enough as is...

KatMaestro responds:

The one time I wish I live in US...


2014-04-15 20:26:48

my heart wants to go in too many directions, so often I end up living vicariously through others. while the world may tell you to be yourself, what if you just don't know who you are? and furthermore, what if the true you happens to be a bad person?

if music is only made on a computer, and not performed, then there really is no reason to use sheet music. But Zimmer arranges for full, live symphonies; I find it hard to believe that he doesn't read music. and there's just too many nuances that can't be covered with even the best midi to notation converters. perhaps he means that he can notate music but just has trouble reading and playing it like a professional.

I still use an old, now dated version of EWSO with the inbred Kompakt player. I got it in Christmas 2007, it was around top of the line back then, and significantly fewer people had it...no everyone has the Kontakt players and custom libraries. god damn I need to upgrade. then again, very rarely am I musically creative these days so it may just be a waste of money. I still have a desire every day to have that inspired feeling to compose, that I once had many years ago.


2014-04-15 21:23:04

@s3c I know how you feel. Before I found NG, I entertained myself and others with my work, but when you're faced with the scale of the internet... it's a man-made dimension, containing everything and nothing at the same time. Who are we, individually, in the face of that scope?

Check it out live in Chat, it's way more fun that way. You wouldn't be the only one who wishes they could be here for it though... Happy Harry and especially Sucho, aren't going to be able to attend. There's some really great guys and gals who are actively producing great content within a half hour's drive of NGHQ, and can't even afford to travel out for the weekend. I know because I asked them :\


2014-04-16 21:31:34

Must... See... All of these...


2014-04-17 04:12:51


So, what of it? being surrounded by countless sources of grandiose artistic content doesn't fulfill that void; I still have a desire to be creative. Entertaining others is always nice, but it's mostly just a byproduct and secondary of and regarding my creations. On the other hand, just being exposed to the sheer brilliance of musicians that far exceed my abilities is often more discouraging than inspirational. Logically, music is entirely subjective and there should be no accounting for taste and no can replace your unique expression. But it feels like my standards (for myself) have come to elevate much higher than my actual abilities, and ultimately my interest and appreciation for creating music has waned.


2014-05-10 15:39:15


KatMaestro responds: