Truth Always Hurts...

2014-03-04 22:09:34 by KatMaestro

4chan is smart people acting stupid;

Perk - /b/

  • Always so creative on trolling and meme.
  • Spawned Anonymous
  • Again, Gods of Trolling.
  • Don't give a single fuck about other.
  • Pwned TIME twice.

Reddit is stupid people acting smart;

Perk - r/AdviceAnimals

  • Prentenders
  • Biggest circlejerk on human planet.
  • Ego-maniacs
  • Karma farmers only! No entry.
  • Pretend to give a fuck about the world.
  • PS. Got trolled by GabeN!

Newgrounds is stupid people acting stupid.

Perk - the General forum

  • Bad at both trolling and being serious.
  • Terrible pretenders
  • Full of tyrants
  • Pretend to give a fuck but behind is backstabbing or sellout other.
  • General and Politics are fucking shit comparing to other
  • Thinking to themselves as da best on teh Net, but the truth is an extreme opposite.
  • Best at being Selfies.

Sources: I'm a long time poster on 4chan, lurker on Reddit and active member on NG.


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2014-03-05 03:40:13

n****r ass bitch ass eyes like big as hair nose ass face bitch as cunt dick faggot ass homo

KatMaestro responds:

My nigga, we have met before.


2014-03-05 08:32:25

Yo dr. elasticsinen, weren't u supposed to maek something related to me? :P

KatMaestro responds:

Damn, I almost forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me.