No More Classical

2013-11-03 14:32:02 by KatMaestro

Many people who left me because I no longer compose music for classical genre. There were quite a small group of fans who liked stuff like Seikkailu Unelma, Viattomuus and even Sopo Merirosvo Kapteeni, maybe Gentle. Some of them wondered where are the (quite) complex orchestra pieces with classical theme?

I don't know either.

The last piece like this style I wrote was for 'Music for Charity', a massive attempt on contemporary symphony. Then of course I co-composed Frozen River and composed Lost. Those two were more of the melodic cinematic style.

Those are it. I have no more good stuff come out. Now my stuff is more of hybrid electro with simple orchestra.

Why? I have no time, no skill and no willpower. Writer's blocks come and go often. I don't have what it takes to do the 'epic' work. Time, I work 2 jobs, day as a system admin and night as a instructor at a school. I don't have the skill to write fully emotional work. Finally I will never have the willpower to squeeze a single drop of creativity out of my hollow skull.

Fuck me, for all shit. I'm useless as fuck.

EDIT: Wow, my music really got people's attention... No way!
Frozen River , lulz thanx 4 the collab dem0lecule...

.... Privacitizen! Yeehaa!

Life of the Cypherpunk


Damage Control

Not bad for a year on NG :D

No More Classical


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2013-11-03 17:36:21

lol look at me...

KatMaestro responds:

Nah, you WERE doing fine with EDM until you almost killed yourself over wannabe-me *cough*. Stay true to your own style.


2013-11-03 21:42:13

Ego and self-confidence.
And you want to have lots of fans.
You want to be popular.
Forget all that. Free your mind from chains of this sinful, lowly world.

KatMaestro responds:

If I really WANTED to have a lot of fans, then I've already done since the first day on NG. I've been in music for like what, over a decade and I still don't know how to get fans? Oh yeah.


2013-11-04 06:08:50

Yeah...61 fans.
I only have 25...

KatMaestro responds:

You should get more, your comics are great.


2013-11-04 08:18:25

relax (:

KatMaestro responds:

*meditating* *fly* *die*


2013-11-04 10:07:00

Thanks, and yeah, i think i deserve more fans...

KatMaestro responds:

You are welcome :)


2013-11-04 10:09:10

Btw, make that 62 fans. :)

KatMaestro responds:

Thanks a lot :)


2013-11-04 19:20:24

Nah, you WERE doing fine with EDM until you almost killed yourself over wannabe-me *cough*. Stay true to your own style.

Wut mate? I didn't even know what kind of music you were doing when I made this. :D

KatMaestro responds:

You know that was a horrible joke right?


2013-11-04 21:39:29

Yeah, after work and other responsibilities, I feel drained of all my creativity and willpower. On the rare occasion that I have a good idea, I sometimes obsess over it, pushing important stuff out of the way to allow time to make something musical. I never get to finish it, but at least I do get to enjoy composing something. I always compose whatever I feel like, and I don't try to stay around any genre. You're already working two jobs. I say don't make a third job of music, but allow it to be something you enjoy whenever you can enjoy it, and maybe sometimes force yourself to compose something just for practice. Perhaps you can express yourself better through your music that way? I'm just thinking out loud here. :)

KatMaestro responds:

I wish one day and can sit down make write awesome music with awesome clients... just another wet dream... that golden day is long gone. I used to write music for community theaters when I was back in the early 20. Now I can't do jack shit with music.

Thanks for your thoughts a lot :)


2013-11-05 02:14:12

fight me fucker

KatMaestro responds:

Nah I don't have to fight you, just pull my Sako rifle out and put two in your head. Ya like?


2013-11-05 04:18:14

Classical hiphop? I've always vented through music btw, sound like you need to vent! :P

KatMaestro responds:

I tried it here quite bad. :(


2013-11-07 11:07:47

That's not bad at all! Gets really powerful towards the end (I mean just after the middle, best part)! Rhythm is a bit hard to follow without a more traditional BMP, or beat, if you're trying to write a lyric for it. It did inspire a verse though, if you're interested in listening:

Didn't really sync with the pace though so it's without music.