Musician's Corner: SourJovis

2013-10-17 23:00:15 by KatMaestro

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I caught up with too much BS on NG and real life that I totally forgot about this. I'm sorry.

About SourJovis

Looking for nostalgia video game music? Perhaps SourJovis is the right place you should be looking. His classic video game style occupies you nonstop. And also non forgettable.

Music for the Masses

SourJovis' music are the memorable. Every piece of his attention-grabbing work will send you to the ride story driven emotions. SourJovis' music are the innovative type, as I dare to say. Milk Man offers you the perfect ride of joys. Though it's short, however, the piece is full of complexity. Jovis himself humbly said he never made complex piece, I think it's otherwise. Let's take a look at deeper and darker work! Sour John's Theme delivers to you the dark techy EDM, yet, still keeps the uplifting feeling. Dreams of Splendor is the truly uplifting and joyful masterpiece, as classic as Jovis' trademark melodies.

You may be thinking, SourJovis doesn't deliver the extreme? Het Motief van de Waterbrengster would prove you wrong. Every note and every instrument of this masterpiece is beautiful. SourJovis turned the simplicity to complex's extreme. It's beautiful, and I'm short on words to fully describe it. Mr. Jovis could give you the total escaping joys with Innocence. A worthy listening work of art.

If you love SourJovis' works of art, please follow him, add his music to your favorite and please review his music. :) This is how you help.

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2013-10-17 23:16:46

Het Motief van de Waterbrengster was beautiful!

KatMaestro responds:

I was hoping for Jovis to write more stuff like this. Though currently I'm coating my ears with Milk Man.


2013-10-18 08:49:54

Het Motief van de Waterbrengster... Nice one. It's a dutch title and I am dutch. I approve it! :D

KatMaestro responds:

:) Dutch people are awesome.


2013-10-18 19:03:21

It has been very long time since your last attempt of doing 'something' helpful to NG.

Excellent choices of music. Jovis has improved vastly.

(Updated ) KatMaestro responds:

It's because your perspective of doing random act of kindness is different, broski!

Edit: spelling, and, if u need another collab, call me :3


2013-10-18 20:47:09

Thanks for doing this. I think you're very active on Newgrounds and that's a good thing, whether it's "trolling" (or expressing your own opinion, that's just how you want to call it) bringing unknown artists under attention, or participating in /missing out on (NGADM13...) contests. You contribute a lot. I don't know if I've improved over time. Generally I think I have, but for example the song "Het Motief van de Waterbrengster" which so many seem to like I made a long time ago, and I haven't made anything like it ever since. It's like that for a lot of musicians . Some professional bands got better and better with each album yet there are songs on their first album (or sometimes before that) they have never surpassed. I'll see if I can make another song "like that", though I never know for sure what that means, because if I make a new song there will always be differences, else it's the exact same song. Someone should write an article about you too Elitistinen. Perhaps I will.

KatMaestro responds:

I think the dude below me was quite right. I had done little for NG community. I do this little project is really to help people and has little gain for me since my rep on NG is too stink to be fixed, he he. I want to beat myself so bad every time NGADM is mentioned... :(

Het Motief van de Waterbrengster is fit to be called a masterpiece. I consider it, Milk Man and Innocence as your best pieces. Yep, I'm hoping you're gonna make another song just 'like that' :D.

:) Thanks a lot sir.


2013-10-19 07:49:26

Nice short article its not like those long windy ones and i think this sort of format is more effective to promote an artist short and straight to the point. you're pretty good at this looking forward to the next :)

KatMaestro responds:

Unlike the last one, I avoided writing humor tones in a very serious project. >,<

Thank you for your support a lot :D


2013-10-21 18:19:49

I humbly await mine.

KatMaestro responds:

Your time will come!


2013-10-26 04:34:40

Oh, didn't know you were doing interviews. Nice initiative!

KatMaestro responds:

:) thanks. Since you're doing music. It would be nice to promote you next.


2013-10-27 01:28:33

It would be an honor! I have a new track on route that I'm a bit hyped about though, might be out in a week or two...

KatMaestro responds:

I like your rapping... :3


2013-10-27 12:05:26

Thanks man! This will be a rap so.. I'll let you know when it's out! :) How's your rapping career turning out btw?

KatMaestro responds:

Did some practice songs. Nothing major *blush*, I don't think I'm ready for performance...


2013-10-29 23:00:23

lmao i'm the stupidest sack of shit on the internet but you look like the most butt devasteated one

KatMaestro responds:

Care to elaborate?

U jealous?


2013-10-29 23:03:11

lmao what does jealously have to do with anything
i'm saying you're butthurt because of something i said, asspirate

KatMaestro responds:

People don't check what come out of their asses, just like you never check what comes out of your mouth.


2013-10-29 23:06:04

whoa epic reply bro you sure showed me, why so butt ravaged tho?

KatMaestro responds:

My butt is cleaner than your mouth, and that's fact.


2013-10-30 05:25:07

>stating lies as facts
>implying i said it was dirty

it's completely destroyed, seek a doctor

KatMaestro responds:

Destroying 2 indestructible facts are a paradox.

Half of your brain cells just packed up and leave. The one who should seek for a psychiatrist? You.

Bye now.


2013-10-30 09:50:32

another ebin rebbutal, you sure showed me :^)

why are you still so butthurt though?

KatMaestro responds:

Nah, let's chill. I'll stop being butthurt now.


2013-11-03 15:21:10

Hey, posting to say that track I spoke about earlier is finally out: