World's Largest Drug Site has gone...

2013-10-02 19:10:01 by KatMaestro

Silk Road is gone

Shit I'm so fucking glad I did ordering meth and cannabis from WiFi in coffee shop via TOR. But no one is safe... no one ever will.

As here I was thinking about how fortune we are for having the frontiers of Internet doing freedom of drug trading, then goes the boom, everything is now lost...

For a second, I was thinking about launching my own TOR site like this to replace SilkRoad. Now it's Black Market Reloaded and Sheep Market left...

Should I move to Netherlands for the weeds???!


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2013-10-03 03:03:35

No because here in holland they're also strict about weed...

(Updated ) KatMaestro responds:

But but I thought Amsterdam is the haven of pothead... :(


2013-10-03 07:09:51

This is all news to me. :P Not that I'm particularly unhappy or affected...

KatMaestro responds:

Anyone who has been going underground long enough affected by this event. In fact anyone who uses Internet and believe in freedom of Internet is, one way or another, affects by events similar to this.


2013-10-03 16:40:31

:| Silk Road is gone... so sudden. We will prevail.

KatMaestro responds:

Yep we SHALL. I'm working on a replacement for Tormail, and I need a security 'bouncer', are u interested?


2013-10-03 17:44:07

BMR is getting more scammer everyday. Though, it's a closest thing to represent SR. SM is alright. I heard of DeepBay, it's pretty small and only do shipping in Europe.

Until we meet again, Roaders.

KatMaestro responds:

BMR is aright. Last I checked backopy is doing nice job on cleaning up dickhead, tho, he's an asshole something. Sheep Marketplace doesn't have escrow and I don't trust 3rd party escrows. DeepBay is shit beyond help.

Until we meet again, mateys!


2013-10-03 21:18:22

meth? that's pretty extreme bro

KatMaestro responds:

Not if you're not used to it. Weed was my limit but I started doing meth in university when my friends start cooking meth and trading it underground. We even had a basement just for the meth lab and had my brother involved.

Breaking Bad is just the fantasized version of what we and tons of other people do.


2013-10-04 16:32:33

Yes it is, but all underworld :) You can still get the weed if the police doesnt notice.

KatMaestro responds:

Well, it's underworld in Finland too. But you have bible pushers start urging the government to be stricter in the drug control.


2013-10-04 16:50:29

well, there's a pretty big gap between the toxicity of meth and marijuana. there's two drugs that I would never touch: meth and heroin. I live in area where crystal meth production is amongst the highest (in the US)...and it's nasty seeing what happens to all these tweakers. I wasn't entirely basing this off sensationalist media, nor have I ever watched Breaking Bad...but safe I guess?

KatMaestro responds:

Well, yes, you are absolutely right. I've seen meth-heads' health, it's terrible. Though, meth-heads can make a good living out of it. My brother and his friends were making a fortune before getting busted.

I remember the anti-drug folks in US once released 2 photos of a now-then meth-head. It's scary, but, what they didn't say was that woman (meth-head) was the one who ran a meth lab in her basement.

Media is full of sensationalists.


2013-10-05 02:17:45

Well I guess I am then. :P I feel much more affected by everything I read on TorrentFreak though...

KatMaestro responds:

:D Everyone on the net is a pirate! I KNEW IT!

If the FBI busted drug, expect piracy to be the last

CP > drug > hacking > fraud > piracy > porn. There goes freedom.


2013-10-05 09:17:58

I think meth is a bad idea always. But, then again, I was born and raised in this "alcohol is evil and will destroy your life" environment, and I have discovered that to not be true. Alcoholic drinks, if not abused, can actually enrich life. But I still think meth is a bad idea always. Have I done any real research about it? No. I hardly know what I'm talking about.

KatMaestro responds:

I was raised in a similar family too. My oldest brother was the first 'revolutionist' in our Catholic family (as you can see he affect 4 out of 11 siblings in the family, including me hehe). He's still a dope head and use dopes as a warming 'kit' for his stays in Yakutsk. I came to alcohol at 16, became a dope-head at 18.

Meth is downright shitty for health. However not cannabis/weed.


2013-10-05 11:10:19

I never said that, it's an interesting topic is all! :P

They'll probably never get rid of either one of those 'problems' completely though, there's to much demand for all those items. Actually, the amount of interest would probably measure the other way around, interesting...