Musician's Corner: steampianist

2013-09-30 18:04:40 by KatMaestro

Musician's Corner: What Is It?

Musician's Corner is my latest effort to promote hidden-talented musicians on Newgrounds. It's also my regrettion for all the bad things I had done to NG community.

Musician's Corner is not a long-arse post, however, long enough to summarize and describe the musician. I also apologize for my English.

About steampianist

There are so many gems coming out from NGADM. And good gems are rare. steampianist is one of them. Unique in his own musical style, one seems can make amazing sounds out of anything comes to his hand.

Music for the Masses

Steampianist's style is known for his steampunk and Victorian-influenced sounds & theme, with an example of Twaddles of a Flue Faker, an extraordinary unique work. Steam's Wonderful Contraptions brings his style to who new level. The level of complexity and creativity are totally out of the common zone for experimental music.

Looking for gentle music? She Was Picking Flowers promises you the gentle but still have the epic touch. The more gentle touch, you should consider listening to Industrial Lullaby and Economy The Cat.

I shouldn't overwhelm you, my strange audiences... should I?

As steampianist's work is the enjoyment to your ears and brain, please proceed to follow, add his music to your favorite and please review his music. :) This is how you help.

Next --- SourJovis

Musician's Corner: steampianist


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2013-09-30 18:09:44

Sheeet, seem like I can't avoid the effing sarcastic writing style of mine...


2013-09-30 19:49:52

Sweet little tidbit here. I'm gonna start reading these.

KatMaestro responds:

Sweet like cake!


2013-10-02 11:21:22

I've just started to notice steampianists work. He is doing phenomenal in NGADM. Go steampianist!

KatMaestro responds:

Steampianist kicking ass this time :)


2013-10-05 09:24:19

I approve. (Of steampianist's music and of Musician's Corner. I've though about doing something like this but I only have 10 fans so what's the point? :P Maybe one day I will have time to make more music and be more involved...)

I've heard some of SourJovis's stuff. My favorite is the "Singing Mountain" remix.

KatMaestro responds:

Dude, :P I'm, going to feature all the artists in my fav list, and I don't care how many fans they have. So yeah, fore sure you're going to have your own news post :D


2013-10-10 03:17:38

Hadn't heard of steampianist before NGADM13, even though his work is great and he's been around for some time. Shows how difficult it is to get noticed here. Thanks for doing this. Nice gesture.

KatMaestro responds:

It gets more difficult after the redesign. And we have like only 4 contests (NGADM,NGMT,Bosa,Claptrap) running in a year while before we have MAC and NAC like monthly so people get noticed quicker.

Yeah, I have to post your notice too :) Could you pick your best song?


2013-10-11 20:00:50

There are several smaller/other(?) contests as well. I can't keep up with them personally.

I don't know what my best song is. These are some that are quite okay: "Het Motief van de Waterbrengster", "Ling Kano's Fighting Show S2", "Ouverture", "Milk Man", "Happy Bits", "Battle of the Bits", "Innocence", "Deus ex RollsTool", "Wtfepic Battle", "Sour John's Theme", "Dreams of Splendor", "Fisherman's Fantasy", "Fragile". "The Genocide (alternate)" and "Monochromatic As I'll Be". Just pick one or more.

KatMaestro responds:

:) Het Motief van de Waterbrengster is beautiful.

I hope you get more views and followers now (well I hope my post has some effect on it)