Homosexuality, what's wrong with it?

2013-09-27 18:05:34 by KatMaestro

Enough of hiding in the darkness... I decided to come out. I have been gay for long time. Not even my family know this. I made fun of other gay on Internet and sometime hate them, not because of what they are, it's because of their attitude.

I'm proud of being gay, but I do not go around to shove it down other's throat when they don't like it. Just like I'm proud to be an atheist. I don't like how most gays/lesbians use the sexuality as a leverage to literally abuse other's opinions. I also take the insults like joke. I don't piss when people call me 'faggot', 'homo', 'bög' or similar. I even laugh and make self-joke to response to those word. Why should I be upset?

Homosexuality, what's wrong with it? There's nothing wrong with it. I'm still bashing server, making troll comments, write sarcasm and making kick-ass music in the end of the day, while being homosexual.

Should you hate a faggot like me? It's all up to you.


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2013-09-27 19:07:29

Um..... k? Its not like me to comment on these type of things at all, but I feel to say something to you. If you were trolled, verbally assaulted, and/or insulted by someone on the basis that your "that way" over the internet, Why let it bother you? This is the Internet. You and I can both be gay & it really doesn't matter if you or I being gay is true or not. Likewise I could sit here and lecture you on the reasons why its wrong or insult you for being "that way". It doesn't matter. Don't let some faceless shadows of people push you around, dont take "GTFO" comments personally. Its a waist of your time, and the less insults you feed yourself on is the better off you'll be. The only forum you should be concerned about is your Family, and the community you physically surround yourself with; that's whats important.

This type of statement that you've made looks like its calling for attention. Like you want to be noticed in some grandeur but it's withheld by the nature of not wanting to seem too "flaunty". You shouldn't have to make a post stating this is your stance. If your proud reflect it in your actions, in the way you present yourself, not in a statement like this, explaining your ideals like your looking for someone to come along and go "Hey! good job" even if you aren't.

Anyway I'm just another faceless shadow on the net, and if my words are worth taking, take them.

KatMaestro responds:

Nah, I'm fishing for negative reactions rather than positive like your. It's just I never told people what I being or believe in. My family would never listen to me and I rather live thousands of miles away from them to look for tiny attention, rather than confronting them and have my mother goes bombastic all over the place (just like when I told her I'm not believe in any religion).

But thanks for you truthful opinions. :) We're all faceless.


2013-09-27 19:28:21

No, of course there is nothing wrong with homosexuality. Good for you for coming out. You should consider coming out to your family as well if you are interested in maintaining those relationships.

KatMaestro responds:

Thanks. I just sent an email to my youngest brother, who I trust the most in family, and tell him to talk to my parents for me. I still don't have the guts to directly talk to them. My father just had a seizure about a month ago, and now he couldn't walk properly. I just don't want it happen again because of my sex.


2013-09-27 19:47:13

I will never hate on someone for being homosexual, but have used homosexuality as joke material. (Check out "Banana Pecker" and "Facebook Sucking Dick" for examples.)

KatMaestro responds:

:) I joke on homosexuality on occasion too. In fact my latest posts on forum is mostly consisted of provocative anti-gay materials. Well, now those I (probably) offended, especially homosexual people, know I'm homosexual. I troll people really nastily, but I don't mean it.

I would actually click 'like' (as in Facebook 'like') your jokes, especially the Banana Pecker (ahem, very creative!!!).


2013-09-28 09:08:09

Let's make out.

KatMaestro responds:

With you :)?


2013-09-28 15:00:23

cheers up man we got your back

KatMaestro responds:

Cheer sir :D


2013-09-29 06:23:27

Of course with me! ;D

(And good luck tomorrow..)

KatMaestro responds:

Thanks. Just did it an hour ago.

Listening to my parents breathing heavily and whining in the other end of the phone is pretty nervous for me. Shit, they even cited Bible passages many time and totally ignored me just to pray for a couple of time. It was hilariously sad... :( The conversation lasted nearly 1 hours. My dad threw some nasty phrases around and slapped the table when I repeated my words again. When they shut off the phone I felt like some freaking weight had been lift off my chest.

Even if someone pays me 100k to do this again, I will refuse to.


2013-09-29 13:04:16

I didn't expect this at all, but this makes me happy. I've always found you attractive!

KatMaestro responds:

:) life is unexpectable. Same goes to the people.

You are a very cool guy and probably very attractive IRL too.


2013-09-29 20:40:52

so...do these pants make my ass look fat?

KatMaestro responds:

He he I know what you mean. Well, I don't show to people IRL that I'm gay. I dress casually everywhere, except for bar and pub.


2013-09-30 05:20:25

how can i hate the guy who made an awesome harp VST


KatMaestro responds:

Wow, I'm glad somebody actually used it this amazing (though it died in silent and dust). :) this encourage me to make more free and good product.



2013-09-30 07:30:05

I'm gay as well, so I'm glad to see another gay user here on Newgrounds. :P Now let's fight the good fight to prove to the parochial over religious morons of the world that we are just like them even though we are attracted to the same sex! I just wish more gay people had the guts to come out. This damn society trapped them in the closet by telling them that they're wrong and are going to hell.

KatMaestro responds:

Hello fellow stranger :), I'm glad I'm not alone... well said, well said


2013-10-01 08:56:22

Woah, for real? What a revelation. I have nothing against gay people, but AFAIK I haven't met any so it'd be awkward being around them in real life... or not, who knows. I don't believe sexual orientations or religious beliefs change the individual though, it should be free for all, though I am not as open-minded about everything as I'd like to be. I had a friend convert and go... Catholic. O_o He's now the only Christian I can debate religion with without discussions ending with something along the lines of 'God works in mysterious ways...' ! But that's completely irrelevant.

How did telling family/friends go btw?

KatMaestro responds:

Don't worry, there aren't many gays around here too. Heard that Espoo have a bigger community, but probably people just making pun. I wish there are more freethinkers like you.

I thought you're Christian :).


2013-10-05 02:36:04

Well yeah, I was baptized after birth and am officially registered as a Christian, but it's mostly because I like traditions, like funerals and marriages, and the fact that there are churches you can seek as safe haven if need be. I also like the Christian morale, but I don't share their faith. Never been to Sunday mass and stuff like that.

KatMaestro responds:

Yeah, most people around here in for religion is also about tradition and community too. Christian marriage/wedding is cool to watch. I'm just never into these, but you know, I respect and accept the way the world work.

I guess the internet makes me an atheist. Shit... Reddit, Newgrounds, Deviantart, Tumblr, 4chan, gawker, wired... everywhere you get influenced to be an atheist.

You are the one with strong mind, you don't get influenced by the masses. That's a valuable thing.


2013-10-05 09:41:02

If I ignore everything I've ever been taught, and look deep down inside of me, this is what I see about myself. Male homosexuality is disgusting to me. I have no feelings about female homosexuality. But that's just who /I/ am. I also think mayonnaise and the grotesque Newgrounds background I'm looking at are both disgusting, but that doesn't mean I think people who like those things are disgusting. You have shown yourself to be very respectful (other than when you are being a jerk just for fun, ha) and I think that people being disrespectful or hateful is the real disgusting thing. (Oh, and I hate when guys hit on me. I'm NOT INTERESTED.)


2013-10-05 11:17:11

Mmm, I'm not much for the Christian community in general (I think I mentioned something about all the debates I have with religious people turning to shit), but when it's the family gathered together it's a different atmosphere. Also really pompous architecture, and I like old buildings. I want to change a lot in the world, but without at least a few stable traditions humanity would lose the way. Like 'you shall not kill', that's a pretty useful tradition! :P

Don't they want to make you start a new religion? :? Creativationism maybe...

Yeah I try. You too!


2013-10-11 10:12:12

Nothing wrong with being gay no. What would be wrong with living the life you're happy with. You don't harm anyone else by it so I don't get why some people act as if it's their problem. I have a few homosexual friends and family members. I respect and like them just as much as when they were hetero. In the past I've been accused of being homophobic. When on a exam I was asked if homosexuality was normal, I answered no. The definition of normal is what the average person is, or what the majority of the people are. Only 1/10 to 1/30 people (depending on what research you look at) is homosexual. So technically I cannot call homosexuality normal. Somehow that automatically meant I was saying homosexuality is wrong. That's not what I said at all. I don't think what's normal is automatically right, let alone what's right is automatically normal. I hate it when you're not allowed to discuss these kind of things. I think this kind of thinking is actually why some people hate homosexuals. "It's not normal, therefore it must be wrong." I don't like that kind of narrow mindedness. I also make jokes about homosexuality sometimes. Not because there's something wrong or weird about homosexuals, quite the opposite. It's mainly because it's a taboo, I have to do something with it. Also because many people do it, and it's an easy silly form of humour. I think homosexuality gets exploited in comedy. People think it's funny because someone is homo even if there's no joke. I like to make jokes about the jokes. Kind of like Sacha Baron Cohen did with Brüno. Making fun of the stereotypical depiction of homosexuality in the media. Of course Sacha did a bit more than that. He also confronted actual homophobia. Anyway, stay true to who you are, and find your happiness. Sorry that sounds so melodramatic. It's no big deal. To some maybe, but not to me.