Go into the Rap Scene

2013-09-23 23:42:43 by KatMaestro

After some impressions got from ClapTrap 2013 and 2012, I decided to try rapping. Since I'm fucking blasting in writing heavy punch music, creating good rap track isn't a problem.

Now I need a good mic. I have a AT4040, because I practice grunt vocal for metal (I used to be part of a metalband). Hopefully it'll suit the rapping.

Writing lyrics isn't a problem either. I love writing rhythmic sarcasms in free time. Problem is they're in Finnish and Swedish, so getting them sound like English is quite hard.


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2013-09-24 08:01:32

Im curious lol. Let's see what you come up with :)

KatMaestro responds:

:) making a ghetto rap piece now.


2013-09-24 12:03:59

Woo, this I'm looking forward to! :)

KatMaestro responds:

I love your rap on One Wish so far. Gonna try to rap like your, maybe for once...


2013-09-24 17:40:11

Thanks; good luck with that! If you get into the genre we could collaborate on something. :D

KatMaestro responds:

Yeah, that would be awesome. :)


2013-09-25 02:46:14

Good luck. :)

KatMaestro responds:

Thanks man, and thanks for your review.