Conspiracy - The Album

2013-09-18 09:37:03 by KatMaestro

My first album, ever, in 14 years of music composition...

Invasion [05:00]
Gunship [03:32]
Elimination [03:51]
Hard Targets [03:41]
Damage Control [04:20]
Safe House [03:19]
Counterstrike [03:46]
Flashback [04:01]
Conspiracy [06:38]
Conspiracy (Variation 2) [06:38]

Download your track of choices here
Download full album here
(Do not right click & save, it's Dropbox link)

Tell me what ya think. :)


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2013-09-18 13:26:59

Sounds really good. Def something that I'd hear in a game or movie

KatMaestro responds:

Thanks bro :)


2013-09-22 23:24:57

Your percussion skills are superb. I can't really recall any producer that has been able to make percussion sound this good. Very super!.

If I may ask, what vsti's are you using ?. I'm guessing stormdrum is a part of it ?


KatMaestro responds:

Actually those producers are plenty on NG. Take PeterSatera and dem0lecule for example, these two go beyond me. Step and Echo are pretty excellent too. Then you have Devatus, the all mighty Finn who wrote superb music.

Stormdrum 2, True Strike 2, Drum of War 2, RA, Damage, Evolve Mutation.


2013-09-24 10:19:26

These are pretty cool! I've only listened to a couple of tracks far, but they're pretty intense, a mixture of DnB/Techno. The Conspiracy title fits well. Why are some on Soundcloud and some on NG, btw? Copyright issues?

KatMaestro responds:

Because I uploaded stuff on SC halfway and NG halfway, then turned lazy. They're all legit stuff.