Dunning-Kruger Effect of NG Musicians

2013-08-10 20:20:00 by KatMaestro

Parental Advisory
I'm sure I'll suffer quite some lost after this post. Also even brings nasty troubles on myself. If you truly hate this post or me, please leave. Don't revenge.

However there are a selective of people on here I think very highly on. As far as I know, they are nothing of what I'm about to say.

What is it?
The dangerous incompetency. From RationalWiki: Dunning-Kruger effect occurs when incompetent people not only perform a task poorly or incompetently, but lack the competence to realize their own incompetence at a task and thus consider themselves much more competent than everyone else. Put more crudely, they're too stupid to realize they're stupid.

Why it matters?
I have seen enough of the incompetents IRL. But they are still savable. The more dangerous incompetents are online. And they lie on this website. I'll be focus on just-the NG musicians.

The incompetents in NG Audio forum rotten deep. It's so fucking annoying to talk to them, even for a troll like me, that's the truth.

Again, if you feel uncomfortable, or even boiled with hatred, please leave! I'm very sure none of my friends and fans are the dangerous incompetents. But I never know exactly for sure.

Are U a Hypocrite?
If you are one of my devoured friends/fans/foes, you would notice I rarely brag about how good is my music. I even deny about being a proper musician in my previous post. Plus I always look up to other musicians, despise how many fan, view or track they have. I'm proud to say: since the beginning of my music hobby, I haven't make a single cent, or brag about copyrights (if I did see it, you got trolled hardcore!), so far. I might be extremely sarcastic about copyrights, but I'm 100% against it. So... you know I have all the rights to post this topic.

Unfortunately, when have-to point out the hypocrites, you become one, temporary!

As the part of I being an elitist? Hah, you got trolled, I'm far from it.

Why Does NG Musicians so Special??

A few days ago, a dude posted on Audio forum about how unsuccessful are musicians on here. His def of 'unsuccessful' is extremely vague. His logic is: if a musician doesn't have a band, therefore he or she is unsuccessful. Speaking of massive hypocrisy, you are free to checkout his profile for clues. Why his shit is vague? Facts: Many and many more successful musicians on NG are TRULY SUCCESSFUL, without a band! LashMush, Waterflame, xKore, MaestroRage (bf he founded SoS), Bosa, Mattashi, Samulis, CamoShark, sorohanro, dem0lecule and almost countless peoples.

BUT! Is he the only example? The One? You are sorrowfully disappointed! NOPE!

NG music incompetents are quite unique. These are the main characteristics of them:
+ Classical or Cinematic people, 80%. As oppose, Jazz people are the most humbled ones.
+ Hiphop people, 90-95%.
+ Brags about how successful is he or she in front of newbies.
+ Triggers. Gets extremely angry when somebody speaks down about he/she. Same thread above.
+ Dies to defend a circlejerks of people who have similar 'interests'.
+ Brags about he or she doesn't need jack shit to make good music. Example! Warning: Finger-pointing jackshit!
+ Brags about his/her tools are the best and fight hard at other people who has differ opinions.
+ Pretends to help people but returns to square one on bragging.
+ When someone does similar shit to his/her, he/she fights!
+ Absolutely, hate, to share his/her work with out demands. Aka, no free or mod work!
+ Defends copyrights like some god, and steps on those who's against copyrights.
+ Breaks, copy, rights, them, selves!
+ Extremely hates those who have honest and straight opinions about them. Pure Gold!
+ Takes revenges on those who stands against his/her. Volcanic Diamond!

Well, if you stay on the Audio forum long enough, these interesting characteristics stand out so shiny that you need to see the doc about eyesight's problem!

WAIT! Elitism is Incompetency?
Well, there are the clear differs:
- Incompetency is the belief of arrogant success, however, lack of skill to be successful.
- Elitism is the belief of perfect & superior success, however, the person has enough or more skills than the incompetent to be successful.

Hold on, did I miss something? Yes I did!

Elitism is the fallacy of Incompetency. Speaks on logic, nobody really has full skills to be perfect, because of knowledge is infinity. Elitism strikes for perfection. Nothing is perfect. Therefore, Elitism will automatically fall into Incompetency.

Put it in practical way, Elitists are the smarter incompetent Joes of average incompetent Johns.

Are U A Total Asshole? I'm not One!
Look, I don't really speaking of specific people. But you, know thyself!

Fcuk you man, I'm gonna UnFriend/UnFan/Hate/Cry/Dick/Revenge/Report/Shit /Whatever you!
I can't fathom your emotion. I'm a born straight asshole, got stabbed once in school for similar problem, and I'll die happily to not blindly sympathize you.

You are burying your ass in this grave calls NG Audio! Delete this post before too late!
NG is just a part of my life. I can swallow the hates like I swallow a rotten lingonberry. And move on.

Do you really have someone to look up to? You sound like a total dick

Fortunately, 100% YES. Not just Audio people. They are (not in any order):


They are one of the most humbled people on here. Some of the sounds and looks grumpy, but they are also the most noble ones. If you didn't see your name on here, despise me knowing you. It's either because I don't know you deep enough, or you don't deserve to be on here.

Inb4 making final judgement about me, please judge yourself first.

You are a fucking asshole, I'LL MAKE THE FINAL JUDGEMENT! BURN IN HELL
Whatever suits you. I don't give a flying fuck. I make the decision on posting this. You should clear your head too!


Unfortunately, that's the truth.


When somebody corrects your grammars in a debate, it's mean they run out of argument in a debate. Or it's just pure ad hominem. Or both! --- dem0lecule

I have question!!!

I'm fucking welcome! Please put it below or PM me.

DONE YET? You windy asshole!

Yeah... Cheer!

Edit: New record! Banned TWICE within a month! Reason: here, :-( when a white gets banned for complaining being white...

Edit 2: I'm getting good amount of hates (stuff 0-bombed), funny...

Dunning-Kruger Effect of NG Musicians


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2013-08-10 20:47:34

I agree completely, and here's some examples of Elitist Incompetents:

KatMaestro responds:


Wow, even their names are provocative.


2013-08-10 22:26:15

Good thing incompetence is obnoxious, while competence is silent. Those who truly seek for a refreshing turn for musical development will be able to come across various types of experimental works that only exist with the underground folds of all music theory.

KatMaestro responds:

HOTDAMN, another says something truthful!

Insanctuary, the NG philosopher posted here, am I dreaming?


2013-08-13 19:17:10

I requested a ban in the post before you and didnt get banned

KatMaestro responds:

-_- now I'm gonna replace Dry-Ice with TOAS as my most hated mod.


2013-08-14 05:10:44


KatMaestro responds:

❤ ♡ ❦ ❣



2013-08-14 18:28:52

Are you ranting because you got banned though?

KatMaestro responds:

That was before I got banned, though.


2013-08-14 19:36:21

Here's one more that I didn't mention:
What makes him even worse is that his submissions have high scores over more deserving users like Catoblepas and Golfinho.

KatMaestro responds:

I suspect something fishy about their submission. Look like cheating and flaming around here.

Of course, those crowns from Audio Forum don't know and don't care, because they are better with their own goods.


2013-08-14 21:04:12

But you said twice in a month, meaning you got banned before too.

KatMaestro responds:

The previous ban was on flame baiting, which is my regular thing.


2013-08-14 21:26:44

How come you flame bait?

KatMaestro responds:

I hate NG hiphop community.


2013-08-17 15:35:56

Hey, thanks for helping me understand my younger self. XD

Maybe an interesting addendum to the concept is that it probably strikes young people the hardest. I think it generally starts to go away the more experience you gain in whatever you're doing. You're right, though, that people affected by this "disorder" tend to be the most vocal about quality. I know this from personal experience. *blush*

KatMaestro responds:

I didn't know you're the big dude on NG until today. I should be slammed for being hypocritical on people. You are fucking talented... ._.