Entry #1

Sauna party went bad...

2013-01-09 16:55:39 by KatMaestro

Staying in a super heated and small sauna for long time was insane. But drinking heavy alcoholic beverages inside that place was idiotic insane. A group of programmer and engineer friends of mine thought it would be a great idea to have a drunk party inside a sauna since we were all tired (our maintaining section had server crash and we had to stay late to solve the problems).

So we all got on 2 vans at 1:20 AM this morning, went to buy large chunks of lakka and vodkas then drove to outskirt of Helsinki to a small sauna. At first we thought it was a normal sauna with decent heat. Later turned out the idea starter bastard, Jarmo, thought a extremely heated sauna would be enjoyable. it was a kiuas type although nearby has an savusauna which I suggested.

Things were normal at first but after a while on drinking, Anssi, our system admin started to cough crazily and he vomited. We thought it was something wrong with the drinks but then we realized he couldn't breath. Quickly we dragged him out of the sauna and I performed basic CPR. We drove him to the nearest hospital. It took a while for the doctors to check poor guy, took him a while to recover. The whole thing took us hours and not until 6 AM when I finally made it back to the workplace. I hadn't sleep since this incident.


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2013-01-11 13:49:07

oh thank god he still alive , vodka and sauna is not a good mix

KatMaestro responds:

It's normal for people to bring soft alcoholic beverages with them to sauna but we were just a bunch of plain idiots. Also it would be ok if we had chosen the normal sauna.